Guidelines for Authors

Before you submit your manuscript, it is recommended that you follow the following guidelines.


All the relevant statements, observations, arguments etc. should be accompanied by proper citations. Proper acknowledgement of every contributor and co-authors in manuscripts is mandatory. This includes all the minor participations as well so as to take care of any grievances that may occur later on. Reviewers should identify any published work that has not been cited by the authors and mention it in their report.


Original photographs must be supplied as they are to be reproduced.


A separate file of cover letter should be uploaded in the submission system. It should have a limit of 600 words and it should cover the following areas:

  1. The scientific question that is being addressed in your paper.
  2. The significant discoveries in it.
  3. The evidence provided to support your claims and conclusions.
  4. Significance of your results.
  5. Any other unique findings in your paper.
  6. Any additional information that needs to be taken into account.


If a report is being sent, it should be approximately of 1500 words or of equivalent space, including figures and tables. They must be brief, definitive reports and not preliminary findings. Most importantly, they should to be clear and easy to follow.


Special issues are also be published in our journals. They generally contain selected contributions (invited lectures) from international conferences, or a collection of papers on a specific topic, and may be composed of review articles, research papers, and short notes. Guest Editors responsible for the organization of Special Issues will be invited by the Editors of the Journal, but may also be suggested by scientists who are willing to organize a special issue on a topic that deserves publication.


Proofs are the final versions of manuscripts that are to be published. Proofs will be sent to the author (first named author, if no corresponding author is identified, of multi –authored papers) before publishing them. It is requested that the authors should return them within 72 hours of receipt. Corrections should be restricted to typesetting errors and any others may be charged to the author.

Note to Authors: All the queries should be answered in full. Please check the proofs carefully and thoroughly before returning them since inclusion of late corrections cannot be guaranteed.


A conflict of interest may arise when the author or author’s institution may have a financial, non-financial, and personal or any other association with the publisher or the people involved in the publishing process, which may influence integrity of the author’s work. They should declare any conflict of interest at the time of submission of manuscript or at the earliest stage possible.

The conflicts should be included at the end of the manuscript, before the references, under the heading of “Conflict of Interest”. Examples of potential conflicts of interest which should be disclosed include employment, consultancies, stock ownership, and allowances, paid expert testimony, past and present affiliations or other funding.

If any conflict of interest is suspected, it should be reported to the Zeal Press or Editor.
The mention of such interests does not make the manuscripts unethical but they should be acknowledged. In case of no conflict, the authors are required to include this in their manuscripts as well.


All articles published in our journals are open access, thus available online free of cost immediately upon publication. This can only be possible once you pay us an article processing fee. Article Processing Charges (APC) covers a range of publication services that we provide. This includes:

  1. Provision of online tools for editor and authors
  2. Article production and hosting
  3. Liaison with abstracting and indexing services
  4. Customer services

The APC is payable when your manuscript is editorially accepted and needs to be published. You can pay it yourself or ask for fund from your institution or employer. However this is our requirement for publication. Henceforth we hope you cooperate with us on timely payment so that we may process the publication smoothly. Our article processing charges are $300 which is the minimum amount we need to make your article globally available.

Once your article is published it would have worldwide readability. If you still have any queries regarding processing fee, please email us at with your name, address and country.


The Article Processing Charges (APC) covers:

  • the publishing costs, including editorial checks and improvements to the article before publication,
  • data hosting (where applicable),
  • typesetting and
  • other aspects of production, as well as technical development and maintenance of the publishing platform.

We also provide administrative support during peer review, which is led by the authors, who are solely responsible for suggesting suitable reviewers timely. As with any publisher, we cannot guarantee that peer review would be completed within the specific time frame.