How to Build a Linkage between High-Quality Assurance Production System and Production Support Automated System System

(Pages 19-28)

Hirohisa Sakai

Toyota Motor Corporation




Abstract: To maintain the planned production volume for potential disaster, the Japanese manufacturing industry needs to develop and rebuilt the global product that is to strengthen QCD (Quality, Cost, and Delivery). The keys to fulfilling this need are automated facility, human skills to operate the facility (production operator), and a production system incorporated with production data systems that activate the facility and human system subject to each overseas plant conditions. Therefore, the author has created a new system that ensures the necessity of building a new production system for global production, eliminates ambiguity among the processes of production planning, production preparation, production and process control, and formalizes and builds the linkage among the processes. This paper is to reveal the effectiveness of the above-specified objectives of the newly created systems. Especially the highly accurate robot production system has been tested and confirmed at Toyota Motor Corporation.

Keywords: Global production, Highly reliable production systems, Automotive manufacturing.