International Journal of Robotics and Automation Technology (Volume 1)

Table of Contents
Volume 1, Year 2014




Issue # 1:

A Modified Optimal Control Strategy for a Five-Finger Robotic Hand (Pages 3-10)
Cheng-Hung Chen and D. Subbaram Naidu

Fault Diagnosis of Linear Control Systems Based on the Discrete Wavelet Transform and an ART2 Neural Network (Pages 11-18)
In Soo Lee

A Survey on Recent Development of Large-Stroke Compliant Micropositioning (Pages 19-35)
Sicong Wan and Qingsong Xu

Weight Reduction: A Typical Issue in the Mechanical Design of Robotic (Pages 36-49)
Nestor Eduardo Nava Rodriguez

Issue #2:

Design and Optimization of a 6-DOF Singularity-Free Parallel Manipulator (Pages 50-56)
Guotao Li, Hailin Huang and Bing Li

Coordinated Movement of Multiple Robots in Outdoor Environment with Obstacles (Pages 57-62)
Ján Šovčík, Martin Kajan, František Duchoň, Martin Florek, Peter Hubinský and Khanh Duong Quang

A Decoupled Motion Estimation for Visual Regulation of Nonholonomic Mobile Robot (Pages 63-75)
Zhongli Wang, Y. Liu, B.G. Cai and Jie Zhao

The Extended Bag of Words Model for Visual Recognition and Categorization (Pages 76-86)
Miaomiao Liu, Xinde Li, Xiaobin Jin and Xiao Zhang

Theoretical Analysis and Experimental Study of Time-Varying Electric Field and Electrostatic Adhesion Force Generated by Interdigital Electrode Arrays (Pages 87-98)
Rui Chen,Xiaohong Chen, Long Bai and Qian Tang

Development of a Crutch Substitute for Mimicking Human Natural Walking Gait(Pages 99-105)
Nina Robson, Gabrielle Martinez, Michael Villavecer, Justin Chin, Bryan Holloway, Salar Nosratabadi and Larry Tlilayatzi