International Journal of Robotics and Automation Technology (Volume 2)

Table of Contents
Volume 2, Year 2015




Issue # 1:

Intelligent Power Grasp Through Layered Magnetization by A Serial Arm Field Robot (Pages 1-25)
Debanik Roy

The Role of Industrial and Service Robots in Manufacturing Processes (Pages 26-31)
Isak Karabegović, Vlatko Doleček and Ermin Husaks

On The Shortest Collision-Free Path Planning for Manipulator Based on Circular Obstacle Region (Pages 32-42)
An Kai

Particle Filter-Based Robust Visual Servoing for UCF-MANUS-An Intelligent Assistive Robotic Manipulator (Pages 43-58)
N. Paperno, Z. Wang, D. J. Kim and A. Behal

Issue #2:

Adaptive Tracking Algorithm of Weak GNSS Signal (Pages 59-64)
Faqin Gao

Ultrasonic Localization of Multiple Robots (Pages 65-72)
Ján Šovčík, Martin Kajan, Martin Smolák, Martin Florek, Peter Hubinský and Marek Ližičiar

A UAV for Triage Assessment of Chronic Illness in a GPS-Denied Environment (Pages 73-86)
C. Todd, M. Watfa, M. Stephens, A. Lutfi, A. Copiaco, V. Agarwal, K. Afsari, C. Johnathon, H. Okafor and M. Ayad

Our Experience of the First 70 Cases in General Surgery with the New daVinciXi Surgical System (Pages 87-91)
Spinoglio Giuseppe, Bellora Paolo, Monni Manuela, Portigliotti luca, Oldani Alberto, Soresini Oscar, Minola Mario and Gentilli Sergio