International Journal of Robotics and Automation Technology (Volume 4)

Table of Contents
Volume 4, December 2017




State Monitoring System of Robot Welding Gun Based on ART2 Neural Networks  – (Pages 1-8)
In Soo Lee, Won-Sub Tae, Yoon-Soo Kim, Myung-hwan Jeong, Jong-Pil Seo, Kyung-Jin Na, Dong-Jin Sung and Soo-Young Ha

A Fusion-Based Localization Method for Indoor Mobile Robot   – (Pages 9-17)
Zhongli Wang and Caixia Lu

User-Device Interaction Considerations and Testing of A Novel Orthotics for Restoration of Natural Physiological Gait   – (Pages 18-24)
Shramana Ghosh, Ahmed Shehab, Abdulsahib Al Hazza, Hilen Rocha, Abdullaziz Al Kharas and Nina P. Robson