International Journal of Robotics and Automation Technology (Volume 5)

Table of Contents

Volume 5, Year 2018




Robust QFT-Based Position Control of an Asymmetric Hydraulic Cylinder Electro-hydraulic Servo System  – (Pages 1-6)
Hongbo Guo

Concepts of Teleoperated Robots (Pages 7-13)
Ladislav Jurišica, František Duchoň, Martin Dekan, Andrej Babinec and Adam Sojka

fMRI: A Benediction to Neuroscience(Pages 14-22)
Vijay Khare, Shaurya Singh, Neha Mehra, Shamim Akhter and Chakresh Kumar Jain

A Consistent and Long-term Mapping Approach for Navigation(Pages 23-31)
Handuo Zhang, Hasith Karunasekera and Han Wang

Motion Prediction and Risk Assessment for The Decision Making of Autonomous Vehicles (Pages 32-39)
Amin Mechernene, Vincent Judalet, Ahmed Chaibet and Moussa Boukhnifer