International Journal of Robotics and Automation Technology (Volume 7)

Table of Contents

Volume 7, Year 2020




IoT-Based System Monitoring of the Sleep Environment – A Study Aimed at the Elderly – Pages 1-7
Leandro Y. Mano, Igor G. Oliveira, Luana O. Sawada, Bruno S. Faiçal and Jó Ueyama

Stabilizing a Class of Switched Nonholonomic Mechanical Systems – Pages 8-20
Tingting Su, Xu Liang, Guangping He, Can Huang, Lei Zhao and Quanliang Zhao

Design of Electronic Moxibustion Instrument for Umbilical Therapy and Preliminary Analysis of Temperature Field – Pages 21-28
Haiyan Shao, Zhaocui Han, Xiaohui Wang, Zhibin Dong, Chao Geng and Ruilan Song

Operation Capability Analysis and Experiments of Underactuated Compliant Multi-Fingered Hands – Pages 29-39
Shun Xiao, Jiejian Di, Jie Zhang, Quanliang Zhao and Guangping He