Assessment of Backscattered Radiation Dose at Exposed Object’s Level during X-Ray Examinations

(Pages 92-99)

Abdullah Taher Naji1 and Gobran N. Ali2

1University of Science and Technology, Yemen; 2Sana’a University, Yemen




Abstract: This paper estimates backscattered radiation doses at patient’s positioning level (exposed object) using different X-ray tubes. The effects of different exposure sittings (X-ray tube voltage, exposure intensity, exposed area, dosimeter position, and distance between X-ray tube and imaged object surface) on backscattered radiation doses are estimated using different dosimeters and x-ray units. The quantity of recorded backscattered radiation dose -which reflects from patient’s table or bucky to image receptor and exposed patient – is determined by the position of dosimeter between exposed object’s table or bucky and X-ray tube according to backscatter angle, at higher backscattered angle, the dosimeter records more backscattered dose. The results showed that, increase in kVp, exposure intensity, and exposed area led to a concomitant increase in the quantity of backscattered radiation, whereas the Increase in distance between X-ray tube (source) and imaged object surface reduces the amount of backscattered radiation dose. As well as, there is no remarkable difference in recorded backscattered dose due to the position of X-ray tube or the direction of incident X-ray photons.

Keywords: Backscattered radiation, X-ray, exposure parameters, exposed object’s level.