Systems of Measurement for the Construction of Geometrical Models

(Pages 7-15)
Aleksandr Yurievich Brailov

Odessa State Academy of Civil Building and Architecture, Ukraine



In the present work, the relevant components of the two basic system of measurement are defined through the analysis of existing systems of measurement for geometrical modeling. The major features of such systems related to the ways of formation of the two-dimensional complex drawing of a geometrical image on the basis of laws of projective connections are revealed. Interrelations of the elements of different systems of measurement with various projections of a geometrical image are defined. The relative location of projections of a geometrical image into the constructed two-dimensional complex drawings for various systems of measurement is discussed. The rationale behind a particular arrangement of views in the projective drawing of a product in the analyzed systems of measurement is explained.

Keywords: Geometry, systems of measurement, image, projection, law, projective connections, drawing, interrelations, arrangement of views.