An Improved Multiple Damage Identification Method of Plate Structure Using Discrete Wavelet Transform 

(Pages 35-46)
Bingrong Miao, Ying Zhang, Xujuan Li, Yaoxiang Luo, Yangzhe Qiu

State Key Laboratory of Traction Power, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu 610031, China




Abstract: In order to improve the identification accuracy of multiple damage of the plate structures, a method based on a two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform is proposed. Firstly, the structural characteristic parameters of the undamaged and damaged plate structures are obtained through the finite element modal analysis. The discrete wavelet transform is used to decompose and evaluate the modal node displacement data of the rectangular thin plate, and the high frequency information and singular values of the structural damage location are calculated. Secondly, the quantitative analysis of damage is realized by the change rate of the maximum value of the wavelet coefficient. Finally, according to the proposed algorithm, the anti-noise performance of the algorithm is verified through different ratios of noise. The results are shown that the vibration-based damage identification method is effective to detect the location and severity of the rectangular thin plate structures, which can be used to solve the damage identification problems of complex structures.

Keywords: Damage Identification, Discrete Wavelet Transform, Wavelet Coefficients, Mode Shape, Finite analysis.