Corrosion Inhibitive Effects of Siam Weed Extract on Mild Steel in 1M H2SO4 Medium

(Pages 47-52)
A.A. Ayoola and E.P. Joseph

Chemical Engineering Department, Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria




Abstract: Corrosion inhibitive effects of Siam weed extract on A36 mild steel in 1M H2SO4 medium was investigated at two corrosion reaction of 278 and 320K. Better inhibitive performance of the Siam weed extract was noticed at 278K. The results of the gravimetric tests revealed that the Siam weed extract was a good corrosion inhibitor for the mild steel with Langmuir adsorption isotherm mechanism, spontaneous and physiosorption in nature.

Keywords: Corrosion, Inhibitor, Mild steel, Siam weed extract.