Design and Development of an Electronic Sieving for Sand Separation using Node MCU System

(Pages 31-36)

Pradeep Kumar Krishnan and Bushra Zaid Humaid Alrisi

Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department, National University of Science and Technology, Oman




Abstract: Sand sieving is now considered one of the essential needs in the construction industry. Where businesses collaborate to find the best and highest-quality methods for extracting pure sand suitable for construction. These businesses always require high-quality machines to complete the process flawlessly. This is also to prove its market power and guarantee its products. This research talks about the various mechanisms for designing and manufacturing sand sieving. The sand sieving process expresses the filtering of sand from the rest of the components such as stones or gravel. The literature department studied ten different studies in the design and manufacture of sand sieving machine in different ways. Where these methods vary between using the engine and electricity and using the primitive manual method. After performing these machines several tests and evaluation of the process, it was found that the engine speed affected the energy consumed to sift the sand. Also, the sieve holes are affected by the size of the sifted sand. Where sieves are manufactured in different sizes to suit the size of the sand to be purified. On the other hand, this article contains the future recommendation of the machine to avoid errors and give effective results as needed

Keywords: Sieving, Sand Separation, NodeMCU System.