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International Journal of Robotics and Automation Technology

Appeals and Complaints

Normally, the editorial judgments do not retreat. However, authors who believe their manuscript was denied due to a misconception or mistake may seek an answer for the decision.

Appeals must give sound sense and convincing evidence against the objection presented in the denial letter. A difference of thought as to the manuscript's interest, originality, or suitability for the journal will not be considered an appeal. The EIC and other appropriate editors will consider the request. The judgment after that taken by the journal will be considered final. Acceptance of the manuscript is not assured even if the journal decides to review the manuscript. The reconsideration procedure may apply to previous or new reviewers, editors, and substantive revision.

Authors who desire to make a complaint should direct them to the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal concerned. Complaints to the Publisher may be e-mailed to