Journal of Material Science and Technology Research (Volume 1)

Table of Contents
Volume 1,  Year 2014




γ-Radiolysis of Trioctyl Phosphine Oxide and Its Emulsification Phenomenon (Pages 2-6)
Bo Qu, Wei Zeng and Qihui Wu

Mechanical and Chemical Properties at High Temperature of {M-25Cr}-based Alloys Containing Hafnium Carbides (M=Co, Ni or Fe): Creep Behavior and Oxidation at 1200°C (Pages 7-14)
P. Berthod and E. Conrath

In-Situ AlN Induced Valence State Variation of V in Vanadium Oxide Films Investigated by XPS (Pages 15-21)
Jiming Bian, Shukuo Zhao, Lihua Miao, Hongzhu Liu, Fuwen Qin, Dong Zhang and Jingchang Sun

Nanocrystalline and Amorphous Silicon Semiconductors as Competing Candidates for PV Applications (Pages 22-25)
R.I. Badran