Journal of Material Science and Technology Research (Volume 2)

Table of Contents
Volume 2, No.1 and No. 2, Year 2015





Issue #2:

Effect of MgSO4 Solution on the Physicochemical and Mechanical Properties of OPC-Metakaolin and OPC-Metakaolin-Limestone Blends (Pages 25-37)
E. E. Hekal, M. Abd-El-Khalek, M. S. Amin and F. A. Selim

Synthesis of the SUS 316L Powders with a Nano-Meso Bi-Modal Structure (Pages 38-42)
Young Rang Uhm and Chang Kyu Rhee

Synthesis and Characterization of PVdF/PVP-Based Electrospun Membranes as Separators for Supercapacitor Applications (Pages 43-51)
A. Jabbarnia and R. Asmatulu

Issue# 1:

Hydroxyapatite from Natural Resources(Pages 1-6)
Csaba Balázsi and Katalin Balázsi

In vitro and In vivo Degradation Evaluation of Mg-Based Alloys for Biomedical Applications(Pages 7-16)
Sau Shun Wong, Luen Chow Chan, Chi Ping Lai, Wing Yuk Ip and Lok Hang Chau

Shock-Induced C-N-S Tridoped TiO2 with Improved Photocatalytic Activity Under Visible Light(Pages 17-24)
Chunxiao Xu, Jianjun Liu, Naifu Cui and Pengwan Chen