Journal of Material Science and Technology Research (Volume 4)


Table of Contents
Volume 4,  Year 2017



Self-Assembled Growth of Tail-Like Cluster Composed of Flower-Shaped ZnO Microwires by Chemical Vapor Deposition Method (Pages 1-5)
Qingyi Wang, Yu Qiu, Jiming Bian, Bing Li, ShanChun Zhang and Jiacheng Luo

Oxidation Behaviour at 1100°C of HfC-Containing Co-Based Alloys (Pages 6-12)
Patrice Berthod

Corrosion of Simple Cobalt-Chromium Alloys, Bases of Real Dental Alloys Devoted to Prosthetic Dentistry, in a NaCl Solution Simulating Human Saliva Specified by Stationary Electrochemical Techniques and EIS  (Pages 13-20)
Lyndho Princilia Billy Nsoungui and Patrice Berthod