Journal of Material Science and Technology Research (Volume 7)


Table of Contents
Volume 7,  Year 2020



Strength and Mechanism of Adhesion to the Substrate Layer while Applying Plasma Coatings in Oxidizing Environments – Pages 1-10
Stephan Loskutov, Anatoly Ershov and Elena Zelenina

Fracture and Permeability Properties of Artificial Fly Ash and Slag aggregate Concretes at Different Water-to-Cement Ratios – Pages 11-29
Samadar Salim

Theoretical Study Oxygen Reduction Activity of Phosphorus-doped Graphene Nanoribbons – Pages 30-40
Zeming Xie, Chao Liu, Mingming Luo, Zhao Liang, Shaik Gouse Peera and Tongxiang Liang

Synthesis, Characterization and Conductivity Properties of Polystyrene/Polyacrylonitrile/Polyindole Ternary Composites – Pages 41-48
C. Soykan and O.C. Candoğan

Characteristics for Improvement of Compressive Strength of Geopolymers Made of Mixed Binders – Pages 49-55
Tatsuya Koumoto

Effect of Embrittlement on the Microstructure, Mechanical and Wear Properties of Aged Super Duplex Stainless Steel – Pages 56-61
Mahesh Davanageri, D. Disha and K. Raju

Chemical Synthesis of Marble Powder-Fly Ash Doped Poly (Vinyl Alcohol) Composites and Comparison between their Structural, Thermal and Mechanical Properties – Pages 62-70
Canan A. Canbay and N. Ünlü