Journal of Modern Mechanical Engineering and Technology (Volume 2)

Table of Contents
Volume 2, Year 2015




Issue #1:

Assessment Tests for Digital Skills: A Tool for Learning Outcomes and University Accreditation (Pages 1-10)
Kaufui Vincent Wong

Virtual Media Quality Index (W-Index) for Higher Institutions of Education(Pages 11-15)
Kaufui Vincent Wong and Samuel R. Ginkel

Clamping Connection between Flexible Electrodes and External Wires (Pages 16-25)
Zhou Gaofeng, Cui Lujun, Zhao Zexiang and L.I. Zhiqiang

STEM and other Fields of Study (Pages 26-29)
Kaufui V. Wong and Thomas Kuhn

Issue #2:

Investigation of Displacements Fields Due to Normal and Tangential Loads on Bars of Finite Thickness (Pages 30-36)
B. Trentadue and G. Illuzzi

Design for the Lift Platform Humanoid Climb Assisting Unit of the Space Launch Site (Pages 37-44)
Shan-Zhen Yi

Moisture Flow as Driving Force behind Drying Shrinkage and Microcracking in Interfacial Transition Zone in Concrete (Pages 45-54)
D. Jankovic

The SPH-EL Method for the Simulation of the Interaction between Water Drops and Solid Wall (Pages 55-60)
L. Fang, F. Y. Liu, S. Chen and J. Z. Wu