Journal of Modern Mechanical Engineering and Technology (Volume 4)

Table of Contents
Volume 4, Year 2017




02-D Magnetohydrodynamics Boundary Layer Flow of Cu-Ag-TiO3-Al2O3-H2O-C2H6O2 Mixtures: Explicit Numerical and Stability Approach (Pages 1-19)
M. Ferdows, D. Liu and B. R. Ramachandran

Steady Free Convection Boundary Layer Flows at a Vertical Plate with Variable Fluid Properties (Pages 20-26)
M. Ferdows, Zavid Iqbal Bangalee, Ashish Barmonand Raushan AraQuadir

Influence of Loading on the Mechanical Response of Linked Structures of Two Steels: A Numerical Study (Pages 27-51)
Prashant P. Gargh, T. S. Srivatsan and Shivakumar Sastry

The Application of Process Mapping to Create Improvements in Production Logistics at the Example of the Shipbuilding Industry Plant (Pages 52-58)
Krzysztof Nadolny and Piotr Czerwik

A Note on Heat Transfer Unsteady Similar Boundary Layer Flow Over a Streatching Surface with Power Law Temperature (Pages 59-63)
M. Ferdows, Zavid Iqbal Bangalee, Selina Parvin and Don Liu

Wind-Solar Hybrid System Analysis for Westville, Indiana, USA(Pages 64-71)
Rama Subba Reddy Gorla, Rashid Salako, Melissa Cowan, Ryan Kelley, Luke Fredenburg, Vanessa Rivera and Michael Steffen