Journal of Modern Mechanical Engineering and Technology (Volume 6)

Table of Contents

Volume 6, Year 2019




Maintance by Water-Cleaning and Efficiency Reduction of PV Panels – (Pages 1-3)
D. Termini and G. Ragonese

Investigation on the Influence of the Interfacial Slippage on the Whole Moving Surface in an Inclined Fixed Pad Thrust Slider Bearing – (Pages 4-9)
Huansheng Cheng and Yongbin Zhang

Efficient Selection Method for Mass Scaling Factor in 3D Microscopic Cutting Simulation of CFRP – Pages 10-20
Fuji Wang, Xiang Zhao, Xiaonan Wang, Tianyu Gu and Boyu Zhang

A Method for Thermal History Prediction during Additive Manufacturing using Far-Field Temperature Measurements – Pages 21-30
Rangarajan, A.E. Segall, R.P. Martukanitz and F. Lia

Drilling of CFRP/Ti Stacks in Wet and Cryogenic Condition – Pages 31-39
Umberto Prisco

Effect of the Interfacial Slippage on the Moving Surface in a Hydrodynamic Step Bearing – Pages 40-46
Junyan Wang and Yongbin Zhang