Journal of Modern Mechanical Engineering and Technology (Volume 7)

Table of Contents

Volume 7, Year 2020




Enhancement of Tuberculosis Detection Using Ensemble Classifier with Quadtree Method: A Preliminary Study – (Pages 1-6)
Chong Joon Hou, Laura P. Jack, Aslina Baharum and Noorsidi Aizuddin Mat Noor

Systems of Measurement for the Construction of Geometrical Models – (Pages 7-15)
Aleksandr Yurievich Brailov

Light Weight Aluminum Cartridge Case Design for IED’s Application – ANSYS – (Pages 16-26)
Bhupesh A. Parate, Prashant Potdar, Sunil Chandel and Himanshu Shekhar

Performance of Normal Geometrical Hydrodynamic Inclined Fixed Pad Thrust Slider Bearing with the Interfacial Slippage Occurring on the Stationary Surface in the Inlet Zone and on the Whole Moving Surface – (Pages 27-34)
Yansun Zhou, Yongbin Zhang, Xuedong Jiang and Mingjun Pang

An Improved Multiple Damage Identification Method of Plate Structure Using Discrete Wavelet Transform – Pages 35-46
Bingrong Miao, Ying Zhang, Xujuan Li, Yaoxiang Luo, Yangzhe Qiu

Corrosion Inhibitive Effects of Siam Weed Extract on Mild Steel in 1M H2SO4 Medium – Pages 47-52
A.A. Ayoola and E.P. Joseph