Journal of Modern Mechanical Engineering and Technology (Volume 8)

Table of Contents

Volume 8, Year 2021




Design Analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Blade Using Biomimicry – Pages 1-11
Vemuluri Prathik, Udith Kumar Narayanan and Pankaj Kumar

Experimental Investigation on the Advantages of Dry Machining over Wet Machining during Turning of AISI 1020 Steel – Pages 12-25
Boki Dugo Bedada, Guteta Kabeta Woyesssa, Moera Gutu Jiru, Besufekad Negash Fetene and Tekle Gemechu

Physics of a Spinning Object Cyclic Inversion at an Orbital Flight – Pages 26-30
Ryspek Usubamatov and Marek Bergander

Design and Development of an Electronic Sieving for Sand Separation using Node MCU System – Pages 31-36
Pradeep Kumar Krishnan and Bushra Zaid Humaid Alrisi

Development of a Low Cost Eco-Friendly Minimum Quantity Lubrication System for Machining Processes – Pages 37-47
Arunachalam Ramanathan, Sumaya Al Rumhi, Noor Al Hamimi and Shurooq Al Ajmi