Journal of Solar Energy Research Updates (Volume 2)

Table of Contents
Volume 2, Year 2015




Issue No. #1:

Estimation of Different Configuration of Demonstration Space Solar Power Station (Pages 1-9)
V.К. Sysoyev, А.О. Dmitriyev, P.А. Vyatlev, I.М. Nesterin, А.D. Ponomarenko, К.М. Pichhadze, B.Т. Suimenbayev and B.Т. Zh.B.Suimenbayeva

Photocatalytic Properties of BiOCl/Bi2WO6 Composite (Pages 10-13)
Ying Zuo, Cong Wang, Ying Sun and Jiushan Cheng

Effect of Tropospheric Nitrogen Dioxide on Incoming Solar Radiation (Pages 14-17)
H.D. Kambezidis, L.D. Melas, D.H. Kampezidou and B.E. Psiloglou

Carrier Transport Mechanism of Copper Phthalocyanine Based Photodiode for Solar Cell Applications (Pages 18-23)
T. Elmore, J. Candler, F. Yakuphanoglu and R.K. Gupta

Issue No. #2:

Design and Development of a Simple Stirred Tank Photobioreactor for Algal Production (Pages 24-26)
R. N. Singh, Shaishav Sharma, Anand Krishna Singh and Nilay Srivastava

Chemical Composition Control of Evaporated Cu2ZnSnS4 Solar Cells (Pages 27-30)
Hongtao Cui, Chang-Yeh Lee, Sihong Gong, Xiaolei Liu and Xiaojing Hao

Performance Characteristics of A Simulated Hybrid Solar-Photovoltaic-Thermoelectric System for Renewable and Direct Power Generation Applications  (Pages 31-39)
Basel I. Ismail and Justin P. Bujold

Design and Simulation of a New Solar Paraboloid Dish Collector (Pages 40-46)
E. Bellos, C. Tzivanidis and K. A. Antonopoulos