Journal of Solar Energy Research Updates (Volume 5)

Table of Contents
Volume 5, Year 2018




Fabrication and Evaluation of Two-Junction Carbon Thin Film Photovoltaic Devices – (Pages 1-7)
Hisato Kato, Yuki Yamamoto, Shinya Kato, Naoki Kishi and Tetsuo Soga

Effect of Sublimation Temperature on the Photovoltaic Properties of Amorphous Carbon Thin Films from Fullerene – Pages 8-13
Tetsuo Soga, Tomoya Nakagaki, Shinya Kato and Naoki Kishi

Annual and Seasonal Trends of Solar Radiation in Athens, Greece – Pages 14-24
Harry D. Kambezidis

Commercial Scale Solar Power Generation (5MW to 50 MW) and its Connection to Distribution Power Network in the United Kingdom – Pages 25-38
Jayanta Deb Mondol and Gibu Jacob

The Combustion of Emulsified Glycerol-Heavy Oil Fuel Droplet – Pages 39-49
Soulayman and K. Youssef