Journal of Solar Energy Research Updates (Volume 8)

Table of Contents
Volume 8, Year 2021




Comparative Performance Analysis of Solar Tracking System Types at Different Latitudes – (Pages 1-10)
Mircea Neagoe and Bogdan Burduhos

Quasi-Gaussian Multibeam Solar Laser Station for a Megawatt Solar Furnace – (Pages 11-20)
Hugo Costa, Joana Almeida, Dawei Liang, Bruno D. Tibúrcio, Dário Garcia, Miguel Catela and Cláudia R. Vistas

SCAPS Simulation for Perovskite Solar Cell – (Pages 21-26)
R. Tala-Ighil Zaïr, C. Oudjehani and K. Tighilt

Black Cool Pigments for Urban Heat Island (UHI) Control: from Cr-Hematite to Mn-Melilite – (Pages 27-44)
G. Monrós, S. Cerro, J.A. Badenes and M. Llusar

Experimental Investigation and Theoretical Analysis on the Performance of Tube-Sheet Photovoltaic Thermal (PV/T) Collectors – (Pages 45-58)
Gaojie Yang, Wei Zhao, Guoqing Yu and Hongzhi Liu