Review about Main Requirements for Porphyrin Derivatives as Components of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

(Pages 78-86)
Diana Anghel, Anca Lascu, Ion Fratilescu, Camelia Epuran, Nicoleta Plesu and Eugenia Făgădar-Cosma*

Institute of Chemistry “Coriolan Dragulescu” of Romanian Academy, M. Viteazul Ave, No. 24, 300223- Timisoara, Romania



The main aim of this review is to present porphyrins as an entry for developing proper light energy capture materials for photovoltaic cells. A critical opinion about the improving of required properties by changing the molecular structure of porphyrins, including various metallations and substitutions (both in meso and β-position) as well as by introducing anchoring groups, the importance of sterical hindrance and of the capacity of aggregation, was done in order to understand how these structural modifications affects the photoelectrochemical properties and the efficiencies of dyesensitized solar cells. Using of Zn-porphyrins and of Pt-porphyrins was presented in detail.

Keywords:Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs), Porphyrins, Zn-Porphyrins, Pt-porphyrins, Aggregation.