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Journal of Material Science and Technology Research

Selected Articles

Impact of DLC Coating Deposition on the Fatigue Strength of Al-7075-T6 Aluminum Alloy

Emanuele Vincenzo Arcieri+, Sergio Baragetti+


Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Thin Hard Coatings on the Strength of Spur Gears

Sergio Baragetti+


The Effect of Temperature on the Creep Ageing Characteristics of Al-Li Alloys

Tong Feng+, Bolin Ma+, Fei Chen+, Lihua Zhan+, Yongqian Xu+, Chunyu Yang+


Influence of Spray Parameters on the Metallurgical and Functional Properties of HVOF WC Based Cermets Deposited onto Low Alloy Steel

Brioua+, K. Belmokre+, V. Debout+, P. Jacquot+, E. Conforto+, S. Touzain+, J. Creus+


Development of a Low-Cost Ball-on-Flat Linear Reciprocating Apparatus: Test Validation Using Ti-6Al-4V and Ti-6Al-4V/Nb2O5 Coatings

T.I. Silva+, M.O.A. Ferreira+, J.P.L. Nascimento+, L.R. Pietro+, L.A.R. Cintra Neto+, H.C. Moreira+, L.V. Pereira+, N.B. Leite+, R.V. Gelamo+, J. A. Moreto+


Surface Coating of Cyclotetramethylenetetranitramine (HMX) Particles and Its Property Investigation

Guo Yan+, Shi Xiaobing+, Pang Weiqiang+, Qin Zhao+, Xu Huixiang+, Li Huan+, Fan Xuezhong+


Synthesis and Characterization of High Temperature Properties of YBa2Cu3O6+δ Superconductor as Potential Cathode for Intermediate Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Joaquín Grassi+, Mario A. Macías+, Juan F. Basbus+, Jorge Castiglioni+, Gilles H. Gauthier+, Adriana C. Serquis+, Leopoldo Suescun+


Numerical Model of Eddy Current Inspection with DC Magnetic Field Associated

J.V. Rocha+, C. Camerini+, R.W.F. Santos+, V.M. Silva+, Lucas B. Campos+, G.R. Pereira+


Recent Advances in the Reutilization of Granite Waste in Various Fields

Di Wang+, Jinshan Lu+, Junxiong Zhan+, Zhiyong Liu+, Bin Xie+


On Semi-Classical Approach to Materials Electronic Structure

Levan Chkhartishvili+


Characteristics for Improvement of Compressive Strength of Geopolymers Made of Mixed Binders

Tatsuya Koumoto+


Theoretical Study Oxygen Reduction Activity of Phosphorus-doped Graphene Nanoribbons

Zeming Xie+, Chao Liu+, Mingming Luo+, Zhao Liang+, Shaik Gouse Peera+, Tongxiang Liang+


Strength and Mechanism of Adhesion to the Substrate Layer while Applying Plasma Coatings in Oxidizing Environments

Stephan Loskutov+, Anatoly Ershov+, Elena Zelenina+


Differential Gain Comparison of Optical Planar Amplifier on Silica Glasses Doped with Bi-Ge and Er, Yb Ions

Jiri Smejcky+, Vitezslav Jerabek+


Effects by Different Microstructure and Texture of Hot Band on the Evolution of Microstructure and Texture after Cold Rolling and Final Annealing of Ferritic FeSi Steels

Franke+, J. Schneider+, B. Bacroix+, R. Kawalla+


Coupled Modelling of ZrO2/α-Zr(O) Layers Growth under Thermal and Mechanical Gradients

J-B. Minne+, V. Optasanu+, T. Montesin+


Microstructures and Metallographic Characterization of Superalloys

Patrice Berthod+