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Journal of Solar Energy Research Updates

For Authors

An online submission and tracking service at Zeal Press facilitates a speedy and cost-effective submission of manuscripts for the authors. The full manuscript can be proposed online via this link.

Before submission of manuscript, authors are  recommended to finalize their manuscript adhering to the guidelines, on the submission page, to assist in rapid review and publication.

Note for Authors

Abstain from submitting files that have very low resolution, using Zipit or Stuffit tools to compress the files and graphics that are too large for the content.

Some formats might restrict the author in making online submissions due to the large file size hence it’s advisable to convert the files into JPEG format. Make sure that JPEG files are saved at high or maximum resolution.

Editorial approval of the submitted article takes about a week’s time from submission. The reviewing process is usually 2-3 weeks long making   the final publication of the article possible only in about 4-6 weeks time from the date of submission.


All the relevant statements, observations, arguments etc. should be accompanied by proper citations. Proper acknowledgement of every contributor and co-authors in manuscripts is mandatory. This includes all the minor participations as well; so as to take care of any grievances that may occur later on.


If a report is being submitted for publication, it should be approximately of 1500 words or of equivalent space, including figures and tables. Only concise yet definitive reports are considered for publication rather than the preliminary findings. Most importantly, they should be clear and easy to follow.

Special/ Thematic issues

All journals under the umbrella of Zeal Press publish Special issues, too. These issues generally contain selected contributions (invited lectures) from international conferences; or a collection of papers on a specific currently emerging and widely discussed topic of the field; and may be composed of review articles, research papers, and short notes. Guest Editors responsible for the organization of Special Issues will be invited by the Editors of the Journal, but may also be suggested by scholars willing to organize a special issue on a recently budding theme in their research field.


Proofs are the final PDF versions of manuscripts that are to be published. Proofs will be sent to the author (first named author, if no corresponding author is identified, of multi –authored papers) before their online publication for the final check by them. Authors are requested to return these proofs within 72 hours of receipt. Corrections at this stage should be restricted to typesetting errors(if any) mentioned by the author.

All the queries regarding final version of the manuscript should be answered in full by the corresponding authors. The corresponding author will be entirely responsible for assuring that the revised version of the manuscript, including all the proposed amendments, permits the endorsement of all the authors of the manuscript. Please check the proofs carefully and thoroughly before returning them since inclusion of late corrections to the manuscript may not be guaranteed.

Manuscript format

Please submit your paper in MS Word (.doc or .docx / LaTeX) file format . The number of pages is at the authors’ discretion; When developing your article for publication, we firmly advise that you pay particular care to your research methods, key results, and language. To ensure rapid review and publication, please adhere to these guidelines.

References, figures, tables, structures, etc., should be noted in the text where they have been discussed. The author also should provide figure legends/captions.


All the manuscripts must be drafted in English by the author, and if it is a second language for the authors, the final version before publication must be very carefully proof read by the authors to assure its efficiency and proper conveying of research outcomes. Manuscripts containing language inconsistencies will not be published. Authors should seek professional assistance for correcting grammatical, scientific, and typographical errors before submitting the revised version of the article for publication.

Fee Waiver 

Zeal Press considers the financial hindrances faced by authors/researchers residing in low-income countries, and offers waivers and discounts to them.

A 50% APC concession may be proposed to authors from below countries, which the World Bank classified as Low-income economies as of 2021, provided no research grant has been provided to them from their state/institutes.