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Journal of Modern Mechanical Engineering and Technology

Selected Articles

Evaluation of the Failure Probability of a 2D RC Frame Subjected to Column Loss

Castaldo+, E. Miceli+


Modeling and Optimizing Automotive Waste Recovery for Optimal Performance

Oommen+, P.B. Sob+, N. Dersom+, C. Williams+


Prediction on MRAM Etching Endpoint by Response Surface Method

Yan-Yan Ding+, Yanfeng Jiang+


Small Sample Data-Driven Method for Interval Prediction on Structural Responses

Xiaojun Wang+, Yujia Ma+


Analytical Method for Screw Rotor Cutting according to the Cutter Workpiece Engagement Model

Arifin Achmad+, Yu-Ren Wu+


The Successful Incorporation of Nd Into Ba Site of Y0.9Ho0.1Ba2-yNdyCu3O7-δ Bulk Superconductors

K. Saritekin+, A. T. Üzümcü+


Robust Global Sensitivity Analysis for Robust Design under Parameter Uncertainty

Zheng Mingliang+


Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Vibration Resistance of Composite Plates with Damping Coating

Yichen Deng+, Yezhuang Jin+, Yao Yang+, Bocheng Dong+, Zelin Li+, Hui Li+


Research on Occupant Safety in Frontal Collision Based on Different Sitting Positions of Intelligent Vehicles

Li Mengqi+, Zhu Haitao+, Bu Xiaobing+


A Comprehensive Study on Safety of New Energy Vehicles

Zhenpo Wang+, Zekun Zhang+, Ni Lin+, Xiang Zhang+, Peng Liu+, Ye Wu+


Development of a Low Cost Eco-Friendly Minimum Quantity Lubrication System for Machining Processes

Arunachalam Ramanathan+, Sumaya Al Rumhi+, Noor Al Hamimi+, Shurooq Al Ajmi+


Enhancement of Tuberculosis Detection Using Ensemble Classifier with Quadtree Method: A Preliminary Study

Chong Joon Hou+, Laura P. Jack+, Aslina Baharum+, Noorsidi Aizuddin Mat Noor+


Performance of Normal Geometrical Hydrodynamic Inclined Fixed Pad Thrust Slider Bearing with the Interfacial Slippage Occurring on the Stationary Surface in the Inlet Zone and on the Whole Moving Surface

Yansun Zhou+, Yongbin Zhang+, Xuedong Jiang+, Mingjun Pang+


Efficient Selection Method for Mass Scaling Factor in 3D Microscopic Cutting Simulation of CFRP

Fuji Wang+, Xiang Zhao+, Xiaonan Wang+, Tianyu Gu+, Boyu Zhang+


Maintance by Water-Cleaning and Efficiency Reduction of PV Panels

Termini+, G. Ragonese+



Rangarajan+, A.E. Segall+, R.P. Martukanitz+, F. Lia+


Finite Element Thermal Simulations for the Design of Mold Conformal Heating Channels Manufactured by 3D Printing Sand Casting for Molding of EPDM Rubber

Boussad Abbes+, Fazilay Abbes+, Aditya Upganlawar+


Renewable Non-GHG Fuels for U.S. Transportation

Rama Subba Reddy Gorla+, Rashid Salako+, Robert Hatszegi+


Composite Materials and Structural Glass: Adhesion Phenomena

Speranzini +


A New Magnetorheological Composite Gel and Its Controllable Rheological Behaviour

Cheng-bin Du+, Bing Liu+, Fei Guo+, Guo-jun Yu+